Your Eyes Are Getting Heavy

I'm getting back into the habit of working out. All cardio stuff at the moment. Though the late night TV sessions with tea and biscuits can't be helping.

I've got about 60 CDRs of mp3s, and I'm starting to back them up to DVDR. Also the DAB recording of radio shows is back up and running.

still nothing from H. I always get worried when there's no contact.

One skill I have never possessed is the ability to sleep when appropriate or useful. I'm either tierd or I'm not, so I am either able to drop off to sleep in minutes, or lie awake waiting. Yesterday I woke at 1400, having gone to bed at 0800, and now at 0630 I really ought to grab a few hours of sleep, so I can avoid stumbling through the day like a zombie.

However, most likely I will spend three hours wide awake with eyes shut in bed, and then spend the morning slowly becoming listless, until I sit down tierd at midday, and wake up at 1800. Which means I will be awake until 0600 again.


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