Two and a half more tracks mixed and mastered. Final track to be finished tomorrow, plus burning a few finished CDs.

After which the band can start seeing marginally less of each other, we can have lives again, and I get to have a proper computer at home again.

The band have finally decided on a title for this, their second EP. It will have...no title!
I've written another half song, based on an obscure piece of 80s synthpop called "Until December". It seems that most of the songs I complete, I do so in one session. Which means a lot of unfinished songs, some of which would be better than the ones I do complete.

I probably need to develop a more relaxed attitude to lyric writing - not spend so much time agonizing over lines that are never going to say exactly what I want and still scan and rhyme.
My parents are getting a new dog tomorrow. A six month old brown-eared white papillion called 'Dino'. Tomorrow will therefore mostly be spent introducing him to our existing papillion (Mr Spock, 10 years, white with black ears, can't figure out the dog-flap), and being the soft dog-lovers we are.

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