Good news: Three and a bit songs are nicely processed and mixed.

Bad news: I'm not entirely happy with the sound quality of the vocals from the portable 8-track. Which is to say, I'm extremely cheesed off about it.

A quiet signal (like, -24dB!) for each multitracked layer, with a highish noise floor (like, -48dB) don't make for professional results. I've half a mind to scrap the lot and rerecord on the PC - chorusing the bits that need harmonies instead of singing the harmonies myself, and recording at 24bit 88200kbps instead of 16bit 44100kbps.

If I can face doing it all again, of course.
The LMHR gig is all set for the 2nd of June. There's 9 confirmed acts, and at least one that's "to be confirmed".

Sean R is organising the event and, being a laid back socialist type, prefers to wait for bands to contact him to confirm their appearance, rather than actually ask them.

However, with acts ranging from a folk singer with acoustic guitar to bulgarian prog rock to schoolgirls playing grunge to...erm, me doing sort of hiphop synthpop, it should be good.
How long does it take to OCR a 166 page stageplay? 2 and a half hours, roughly. How long does it take to proof-read and correct the resulting Word document? So far, 3 days to get it 1 3rd done.

There's 6 weeks till the latest revised date for the first London performance, and no one seems in any great hurry to begin rehearsals. It's that laid back socialist thing again.
For the past 5 days I haven't been able to take a shower. This is because water has been refusing to flow down any of the plugholes in the house. Personal cleanliness has been a matter of damp cloths - cold damp cloths.

But now the mysterious blockage in the pipe has been identified as a great big gob of matted hair - presumably human and canine - and removed.

Call me effete for not being able to live without mod cons, too many computers and Google dot Com, but I am going to take an inordinately long, hot soapy shower.

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