Medium Atomic Waits are Available

There's a strange feeling of dragging anticipation that sets in when you've prepared intensively for something for weeks, and now you're completely ready, it's days or hours away.

I've practiced my 6 song set until I could cheerfully throttle it, arranged recording, asked everyone I can think of to come and watch me perform it...and now there's two whole days of no more preparation to be made.

Not that there isn't plenty to do. The software for writers has arrived - Write Ambition, possibly by a company called Mindscape who don't mention it in their website, and seemingly sponsored by Writer's Forum, which looks like a useful site but also doesn't mention it. I'll have to spend time looking into that, and there's similar software to look at too.
I bought the Sapphire and Steel DVDs for UKP14.49 (all inclusive), from a company who sent me dire warnings of how they could so easily miss my paypal transfer to them if I didn't use their own special transfer system on their site.

Of course, they told me this an hour after I'd paid using the standard Ebay forms. And following their "easy to use" extra-security extra-peace-of-mind payment confirmation form...duplicated the payment. Huh. To their credit (or rather debit), they reimbursed me the duplicate in minutes of my slighly sarcastic email - which restored my confidence, but left me wondering what kind of seller moves money around at 0430. Apart from me, obviously.
Looking ahead slightly, the (hopefully) entire Portsmouth cast and the (hopefully) entire London cast are meeting (hopefully) on the weekend of the 17th, for rehearsals and something called "workshopping" - which I think means "Rehearsals".

So that's the other thing to do. When not pigging out on Joanna Lumley and David Macullum, internalise my lines. I've got 15 minutes of recorded dialogue (including my cues) ready to loop round and round on my mp3 player until I can recite it in my sleep.

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