Applause of the Roses

The first rehearsal went okay - that's 'okay' in the sense of 'I really have no idea what kind of person my character is, but I think I can get the voice right'.

Two more incentives to get it right - Stephen and Hillary Rose, two of my favourite scientists and popularisers of science, will be in the already august audiance.

The BNP are trying to intimidate us into dropping the play. At least I assume a few dozen identical one line emails from "BNP Militia - IT Division" is meant to constitute intimidation on their part.
Nothing Less Than Everything was surprisingly quick to put together - it's really just modulated bass drone, slow hiphop beat, and synthesised overdriven guitar stabs. This time I was lazy enough to use a frequency modulated buzz fed through Reason's overdrive unit, instead of the physically modelled guitar fed through the physically modelled distortion pedal and amp.

The embarrassingly large number of Blake's 7 samples are gone too - replaced by, er, slightly less embarrassing Jason King samples.

And I'm still only up to 15 minutes, so I may squeeze in another one.
I have a new mp3 player. Yes, I know, another one. Because yes, I know, I lost the other two. Double the capacity (2GB), half the size (about the length of my little fiinger) and the same price (UKP40) as the previous one. All quite impressive.

Except for the perennial problems of miniaturisation - the lid to the battery port was physically impossible to open with fingers or fingernails, so I wound up breaking it open with a miniature screwdriver. And the controls would suit baby fingers.

Oh, but I've had the most staggering idea about how not to lose this one. They've all had metal hoops for attatchment to a keyring - maybe I should...put it on my keyring?

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