Hey Kids, Just Say No

Three mixdowns complete of backing tracks for the gig, one almost done, and...one I haven't even started composing yet.

Featuring samples from Jason King, House MD, a biopic of Kenneth Tynan and a government information film from the 30s on the dangers of marijuana. Apparantly in weeks it destroys the body, corrupts the morals, and leads to death.

I'm still trying to find a way to record the gig. I don't have any equipment that is both portable and gives decent sound quality. Organiser and soundman Sion R has lots of suitable black boxes, but isn't easy to contact.
I tried to compose an email to H, but suddenly realised there's nothing I want to say to him. I'm still making music, which he never found terribly interesting, though he was a great music lover. I'm still involved in politics, which he tolerated as an eccentricity, though he was once in the green movement. I'm in a stage play, which wouldn't be his scene, though he was a theatre goer.

Our friendship, veering as it sometimes did towards a relationship neither of us could handle, was based on a shared lonliness, and a lot of good natured arguments about science. And that way of relating to someone can't be done if you're not in the same room.
People who have stumbled upon my blog recently:

Aziz works for Oxfam and has a new camera.

Jac also has a camera, and a sense of spirituality.

Poems in Italian about paintings.

American political commentary, not so much from the left or right, but from "a pox on both their houses".

A boy looking for girls in Japan.

I can read just enough Portugese to know this is thoughful blog about the nurture/nature debate. But I can't read enough to know what he's saying about it.

A sleepy town in Kansas.

An Australian poet. Example haiku:

Itching nose demands
scratching with the proper hand.
Nothing satisfies.

Graphic design, in French from Switzerland.

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