Oh Super, Man

A voice training program for pop singers - it shouldn't be too difficult. Pop songs tend to be pentatonic and narrow in tonal range. The singer doesn't need perfect chromatic pitch recognition - they just need to know how to hit a small set of notes in relation to the tonic.

Given a key, mode and home octave - say A Major with A1 as home note for a baritone - the notes the singer is likely to need are easily calculated. It will vary, but I think these would be adaquate:

D1 (fifth below)
E1 (fourth below)
F#1 (3rd below)
G#1 (2nd below)
A1 (1st - home)
C#2 (third above)
D3 (fourth above)
E2 (fifth above)
A2 (octave above)

Others (like 7th above) can of course be added if needed. My point though is that it shouldn't be difficult to write a program which, given key, mode and home, generates the relavent tones - in patterns of the most common interval progressions - for the singer to harmonise with into a connected microphone. And simultainiously gives a visual indicator of how many tones and cents the singer is out from the target.

The singer learns how to hit the notes they actually need, and how to make the transitions between them.

Can I find a program to do this? No I can't. So I'm stuck with harmonising to drones programmed into Reason, trying to get the descending fourths right.
I've got to find some more pictures for Simon. Chisled, toned, healthy hunks who look like they got that way by excercise and clean living, instead of the pills he's selling. Not quite like these:

Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Oh Superman...

If I could turn back time...

Two little boys with two little toys...

These pictures are from Superdickery.Com - a wonderful collection of the nonsensical, the bizarre and the inadvertantly suggestive from superhero comics produced in a more innocent age.

Not that comics were a purely innocent pleasure to my 8 year old self. I know that I wanted to be Professor X (or sometimes Doctor Doom), but I felt...something different and undefined but somehow warm about Spiderman.

Exactly how I could find Captain Britain sexy - in spite of his essential naffness - but feel nothing about Superman, I'm not sure. But there's men out there who had protosexual stirrings for Melody from Stingray and Scott from Thunderbirds, so I know I'm not alone.

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