Food and Fear

Lunch with Stephen. He's just as small, delicate, blond, cherubic, ditzy and innocent looking as ever. And just as dark, brooding, uncertain, smart and complex underneath.

He's taken to writing psychological horror stories, and has quite a collection of deeply eccentric independant films to introduce me to. In return, I have The Prisoner, Green Wing, Nathan Barley and who know's what else that might appeal to his twisted harlequin taste.
Dinner with Simon, accompanied by a new Dr Who episode that would have scared me witless as a child, and six hours worth of Sherlock Holmes mysteries accompanied by ice cream and biscuits.

At 0315, having consumed 25,000+ calories between us, I knew all about The Redheaded League, and he realised we'd just spent 7 hours stuffing ourselves in front of the television.
There is a downside to learning lyrics by listening to songs several times in a row each day. I am at present rather sick of the songs I'm singing next friday.

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  1. "I am at present rather sick of the songs I'm singing next friday."

    HA! Now you know how I'm feeling.

    You are going to record the performance aren't you?