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One of the joys of a bad filing system is: You find all kinds of fascinating things in unexpected places. It's a bit like channel hopping...except that you find fascinating things.

Today's find was a list of categorised fundie quotes that I meant to put at the head of posts. All are collected from Fundies Say the Darndest Things, a soon-to-be-mothballed but extensive collection of jawdropping imbecility, from the kind of godbotherers proper christians avoid.

Today's theme: Technology

Man with all his technology still cannot reproduce even the pyramids.
- Charity

"Technology makes peoples lives easier. Technology is the product of inventive geniuses who were inspired by God.
Science causes confustion and makes things complicated."
- spreadingtheword

"Computers are a form of TECHNOLOGY.
If there is any science involved please tell me."
- spreadingtheword

"Not being a "religious nut" but myspace is yet another tool of satan to lure and deceive the young."
- 4eversaved

"Has anyone heard of Linux? It’s a new kind of Windows, but it’s free. I’ve read up on it, and it seems that it’s created and supported by ultra-liberals. Its creator, Richard Stallman, is even a satanist."
- Baptist Ben

Sometimes one set of lunatics does good, non-lunatic work debunking another set of lunatics. Here's a climate change denialist who debunks manhating pseusofeminists. And here's Screw Loose Change - from two guantanamo bay fans who debunk 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

Update: Now let's see if I can get this straight.

Loose Change is a documentary movie alleging that the US government either planned the 9/11 attacks, or knew about them well in advance and deliberately did nothing to prevent them. Either way, it was as propaganda for the then planned invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran.

Screw Loose Change is a blog debunking the movie's reasoning, assumptions and sources.

Screw Loose Change Exposed is a blog set up by one of the two people behind Screw Loose Change, detailing how it descended into the kind of distortion and lies it claimed to expose.

According to Prison Planet and others, Screw Loose Change Exposed is a hoax.

Good to know I get to hear about these things, only a year after they happened.

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  1. Isn't it always that way? People claim to have seen these things coming long after these events are gone? Attention whores!