Stakker Bo

Seven synth-based bands I'm listening to at the moment:
8Khz Mono
A Blue Ocean Dream
Chinese Theatre
Colony 5
Rupesh Cartel

There's something they all have in common, which I only discovered by accident. They're all...Swedish!

For the last forty years the UK's been the little country with the disproportionate voice in music around the world - something which has always been both comforting and embarrassing for me. Here's hoping the Netherland Kingdoms are the new United Kingdom.

Not to worry though. They sing in english, with british accents, and they're inspired by british synth bands of the 80s.

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  1. Oh, come now, any country that gifted the world with the creation of the Spice Girls deserves to be vilified, er um, recognized!

    I've always enjoyed those Swedish singers--okay, I can only think of ABBA and Ace of Base, but that's saying something for a country otherwise known for its meatballs and screw-it-yourself furniture.