I'm Half Crazy

I was going to spend the weekend fixing KR's computer. This would have involved half an hour in front of the actual computer, and a good seven or eight hours listening to her complain about anything and everything. In that kind of shrill monotonic voice that drills into your head.

KR is one of those fundamentally decent people, who you also want to hit with a brick until she starts being fundamentally decent and quiet.

Instead however, I spent the weekend babysitting for DT. This involved half an hour sitting in front of the computer trying to make it connect to the Ceebies site, and seven or eight hours listening to her demand sweets. In that shrill whine that drills into your soul.

The differences between KR and DS's four year old daughter Daisy are:

1) KR tells you why the modern world makes her want to scream. Daisy just screams.

2) Daisy will burst into tears at nothing, then ten seconds later gigglingly asks to be swung around by her feet. So far KR has done neither.

3) Daisy tells you to shut up. KR just assumes you weren't saying anything important.

4) Daisy likes to hear stories about Noddy and Big-Ears. KR likes to tell stories about work. I don't actually know what her work is, but that doesn't seem relavent to the stories.

5) I get to have conversations with Daisy. Albeit about Lego and "Want corm-flakes wiv shoclet an sherbet ona top!".

And with Daisy I get to be the Tickle Monster. Grrr.


  1. I'd much rather be trapped in a room with a whining child than a whining adult.

    And Legos are the coolest thing ever! :)

  2. I concur with MJ. Shrill anything is just too shrill.

  3. You need to come up with better excuses at avoiding your friends--or find other enjoyable activities, like sleeping or drinking or laundry. Or just set up KR and Daisy on a playdate while you fix the computer.