Marriage of Convocation

I've got a lot of half written songs. Some are just a chorus, some have one and a half verses, a few are just notes.

Flicking through them, one was two verses, and another a chorus. So here they are, welded together. But if you didn't know that, would you guess? Title: Outside Looking Out.

Verse 1:
What you have
You won't use

What you get
You can't refuse

What you say
You don't feel

And what you know
You can't, you can't reveal

Outside, looking
Full of ambition and
Full of self doubt, we're
Outside, looking
Plenty to hope for but
Nothing to shout about

Verse 2:
What you see
You won't name

What you were
You can't reclaim

What you love
You don't break

And what you lost
You can't, you can't remake


  1. Nope. I'd've never guessed you merged two works in progress to make one complete one.

    I hope you're well bundled up to be on the outside looking out. Isn't it a little chilly?