It's that time again

The time when my laptop gets a virus and I need to reinstall Windows. Thanks to programs like nLite, VirtualBox, and rather a lot of research, the process lasts around ten minutes and doesn't need my presence - as opposed to the more usual ninety minutes of watching and waiting.

It's therefore also the time when I post a selection of images I've stumbled upon and saved for just this purpose. A tradition here at blog Kapitano. So here goes.

Aliens are among us.

The differences are subtle, but an expert can spot them.

They have a master plan, and the signs are all around.

Their master is Lord Satan.

...and his perverted servants.

...who flaunt their disgusting lifestyle at decent folk.

And there are the skeptics...

...the fashion police...

...and the interlectuals...

...who want to send us all to the burning pit.

But there are the rightous...

...the wise...

...the devout...

...the normal...

...the heroic...

...the innocent... the army of light...

...who will save us from depravity.

So watch for the signs.

And stop thinking about cocks all the time.


  1. Why have Barak Obama look like a Goa'Uld?

    He may not be humanly possible to be everything some people hope of him; but he isn't a Wall Street Banker!

    Interesting to see you've still kept this going after all this time.

  2. CyberPete:
    The arse you're admiring is a CD cover from the band Boytronic.

    They spent the 80s jumping around on pop TV wearing sailors outfits and snug shorts singing songs like "I'm a Man in Uniform"...but not being openly gay.

    After they split in the 90s their label put together a completely different lineup which no one now seems to remember.

    Now the originals are back together, older, less camp but openly gay - hence the CD cover. I rather like their stuff. No, I mean their music.

    I stumbled on one of your old blogs last week and meant to send an email...but forgot.

    Obama may not be a banker - or a traveller through stone rings posessed by an abdominal parasite - but they do control him. The banker parasites, not the abdominal ones.

    What are you doing these days?

  3. Is that Zlata the Contortionist?

    Yay for cock pics!


  4. Hmmm. Boytronic you say?


  5. Is that one of those famous Russian dolls you can stick things in? Where can I get one (or two)?

    Clearly that running man was sent to the pits to burn off his offensive and out of season attire!

  6. Lovely... now every time I see Obama I'll think of the Goa'uld. Oh well, it will balance out thinking of Dick Chaney every time I see Gollum in LOTR. :)

    I'm also going to need serious therapy to purge my brain of the Ministers Quartet image. Oddly enough, about six weeks ago a couple "blessed" the church I attend with special music... a slightly off-key redendition of "He Touched Me...and oh the joy that floods my soul". And yes, I sniggered. I'm all for being touched, but it's not joy that comes flooding out! :)

    P.S. Nice cock!