Kid Gloves

Babysitting on Thursday.

Daisy complained to mummy that she didn't want to be left with me because I hit her. Yes, a slightly awkward moment, though we all knew I wouldn't do that. Probably referring to one of her games of tag.

Mummy left and Daisy immediately tripped over a cable and fell down stairs. I got a sinking feeling.

After thirty seconds of crying she recovered in an eyeblink and showed me her new game. Which involved putting on a superhero cape, climbing up her bunk bed, announcing that she could fly , and jumping down onto a beanbag. And missing.

After another thirty seconds of tortured wailing she made another instant recovery...and did it again - this time making a soft landing with my help. Before asking to be swung around by her ankles and thrown onto the bed. We compromised on a game that involved being gently swung backwards and forwards inside a duvet.

More babysitting on Sunday, but mercifully less liable to induce suspicious bruises, though she did manage to fall off a chair.

We watched Walt Disney's Cinderella, Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders (which I enjoyed far too much), and the Disney version of Oliver Twist - with the title role taken by an insufferably cutesy orange kitten.

Same again next weekend.


  1. Ah, a child falling and bumping into things on your watch. If you were walking barefoot and exposing your kitty to the public, you'd be Britney Spears!

    Kids are funny to watch sometimes, but only until they start to cry for no apparent reason and won't stop...

  2. So I should have titled the post "Hit Me Babysitter One More Time".

  3. Ha! Ha! That would be a most excellent title!