The World is My Cloister

4500 words, and still no plot.

Who said life never imitates art?

The British economy is sinking into quicksand. I have a career that could take me anywhere in the world. Where should I go to escape and wait out recession?

Western Europe? That's like leaving the Lusitania for the Titanic. It hasn't sunk yet, but it's about to. Plus it's probably the only place where there's already too many EFL teachers.

Eastern Europe? Less Titanic, more Mary Celeste.

China? Perhaps the Electra (Amelia Erhardt's plane) is appropriate here. There are predictions that the expanding Chinese economy will bail out the Western economy - which is odd, as the expansion of the Chinese economy was largely a product of outsourcing from the West. It's like Atlas holding up the world, then trying use it as a hot air balloon.

Asia? Something similar, I think.

Africa? Um, no. Maybe it's just a coincidence the only places rich enough for decent English language schools are mostly English speaking already. Less Area 51, more Bermuda Triangle.

America? Ah, can I escape the earthquake by heading for it's epicenter? Maybe we're talking Atlantis here.

No, I just don't know.

If anyone can suggest a plot, I'd be most obliged.

In the meantime, I'll be reading the last chapter of twenty one Margery Allingham Ebooks, looking for inspiration.


  1. What's your NaNo username/id? We can't cheer you on if we don't know this one important thing ...

    Also, if you have any words going spare, can I have them. I'm a tad behind and getting antsy.

    Ave mon brave,


  2. If I could connect to the NaNoWriMo site, there'd be an account. Looks like they're quite busy.

    I'm sure I could lend you some words - but mine tend to be darker than yours, so people might see the join.