Edge? Bono!

You know what I've found I like doing?


Boogieing, jiving, raving, moshing, stomping, shaking, trancing, grooving, funking, jumping...Dancing.

I'm horrifically bad at it, but I really like doing it. And no you can't have a video.

There are some TV shows I get hooked on for a while. Stargate SG1 (but not Stargate Atlantis), The Avengers (but not Danger Man), The X-Files (but not Lost), the various incarnations of Star Trek (but not Space Presinct, Dune or Supernatural)

Sometimes it lasts 4 or 5 episodes (Odyssey 5, Heroes, Millenium), sometimes one season (Earth: Final Conflict, Andromeda, Buffy), and sometimes till cancellation (Star Cops, Max Headroom). Mutant X and Angel I didn't try at all.

The latest is Fringe - essentially The X-Files reborn after the second movie flopped.

There's the same combination of paranoia, gore and staggeringly bad science, the same unconsumated sexual tension between the leads, the same shadowy benefactors who can't be trusted.

But there's two differences. The X-Files features two agents nominally part of the government but in practice independant, investigating bizarre happenings that link back to that government, which proves to be the real enemy.

In Fringe, we have two agents (and their pet mad scientist) loyally obeying the government to investigate bizarre happenings, which lead to the real enemy...multinational corporations.

Part anticapitalist, part just the opposite. Paranoid about one side of the coin, trusting in the other - covered by a token suspicion.

I've only seen three episodes, so it may change, but the politics of the show seem as confused and revealing as its science. You may say the tacit political assumptions of dumb sci-fi aren't important - though you may not say that about 24 or Felix - but it tells us something about how the target audiance has changed since Fox Mulder wanted to believe in flying saucers.

Today's discovery: You can make sauces with soya milk.

Remember I said I was good with sauces? I threw together a little mushrooms-in-peppery-white-sauce-on-toast snack, only to find at the last moment the milk gone...with only strange smelling soya stuff remaining. So with tepidation I tried it.

It thickens up nicely, quickly and smoothly, but I was expecting a disaster - rather like that time I tried to use olive oil instead of butter.

But it worked pretty well. The mystery is why it wasn't a disaster.

Guess what I did tonight? Go on, bet you can't possibly guess.

Oh, you guessed.


  1. Well if you're up writing about it, then you didn't do it right. :-P

  2. So, umm, this video of you dancing that you promised us ... where is it? ;)

    Fringe rocks and soya milk sucks,
    so say I and would I lie?

    Hmm. :)

  3. Hmmmm

    Whatever could it be?

    Oh....... that.

  4. I've got 2 seasons of unremastered Max Headroom. Let me know if you're interested.

  5. David:
    Hmm. So can you show me how to do it right?

    I'm not dancing for anyone - not even you. Well...not unless you dance for me first :-).

    "That"? Hm. I may not be much good at any of the things gay men do all the time - singing, dancing, being witty and spending lots of money...but I am extremely gay in just one way.

    The way a lot of gay men think about least, wierdly.

    You have Max Headroom? I want to see it! I really want to see it.

    Maybe I could introduce you to Blake's 7, or the original Dr Who.