100 Things about Kapitano, Part 1: Food and Drink

Inspired by Leah, I've decided to tell you 100 things about me. In installments, and with annotations.

So, here's part one.

1) I'm overweight, because I'm something of a glutton. I try not to be, but I don't try very hard.

I find it very easy to not start eating. But once I've started, I just want to keep on doing it.

I think it would be great if a person's whole body had tastebuds, inside and out. I could taste food as it goes down, and the enhanced sense of touch would be astonishing.

2) I'm very good at sauces and pastry, and completely useless at cooking anything else.

I like cooking curries, but my parents hate the smell.

3) I didn't get drunk till age 24. This was on vodka, provide by some obliging Polish students. The event is on videotape, including the bit where I lay on the floor yelling "sit on my face".

I prefer red wine to white, don't like beer, drink guinness when I need to drink slowly, and like spirits - which get me drunk very quickly.

4) I'm not sure I actually like tea - it's just sort of comforting to have a cup of it there. I definitely don't like liqouriche or raw tomatoes.

I've a theory that when you eat a whole bar of chocolate one piece at a time, with each piece you're trying to recapture the first, but it's never as good, so you try again till it's all gone, and then feel disapponinted.

5) I've got so used to watching TV while eating, that each feels incomplete without the other.


  1. This is absolutely wonderful!

    Re: #2--sauces and pastry are notorious for being the very hardest things to make! You're a cooking savant!

    Re: #3: yelling "sit on my face!" is admirably straightforward, even when drunk.

    Can't wait to hear the rest.

  2. The event is on videotape, including the bit where I lay on the floor yelling "sit on my face".

    I need to see this.

    #5. You're a sexy bitch.

  3. I'm quite pleased that my hands don't have tastebuds. Sometimes I accidently touch stuff on the train or bus. Ew.

  4. Leah:
    Sometimes it's possible to get away with things being a gay men that a straight man would never be allowed to do.

    The videotape is in the hands of a former sports studies student - so is probably now a gym teacher.

    Spending a year living with a dozen teenage athletes...only sounds sexy. They're mostly knobs.

    Oh I "accidentally" touch all sorts of things on the train. Especially the tube :-D.