Balance in All Things

"He shitting! Shitting all time! Tell him stop!"
- Student mispronouncing "Cheating"

Good News: I've been in demand at work - full time all week.

Bad News: They don't actually want me there, but there's no one else available with the computer skills.

There's been an inspection coming for the last three months, so like all organised businesses everywhere, they waited till the week before the inspectors arrive to start getting things...inspectable.

In my case that means two days painting the walls to make them look less cracked, and three cataloguing four hundred or so textbooks - so the inspectors can spend five seconds flicking through the database and tick the appropriate box.

Good News: With all this work, I'm racking up the wages.

Bad News: They haven't got around to paying me for last week, nevermind this one.

Good News: There's even more paid work to be done.

Bad News: It has to be done on Sunday.

Good News: Someone wants to give me a blowjob at midnight.

Bad News: I've got a stubborn headache from a week of staring at a screen. So not feeling especially sexy.

Good News: Someone wants to give me a deep, long, wet blowjob at midnight!

Bad News: He's just cancelled.

Good news: Should be meeting C tomorrow, for a day of romantic strolls, sinful food and camp banter.

Bad News: ...actually, none.


  1. It all sounds kind if nice except the guy cancelling and of course working on Sunday. That's just wrong.

  2. Considering how often you get your pay delayed, you work for some shitty companies. When you finally leave them, deposit some enema bottles with them as a parting gift.

  3. If only I had a dick and lived in England.

  4. Erm ... can't think of a thing to say, except make sure you get paid ... and I concur with David's enema bottle idea.

  5. Cyberpete: He's cancelled again! If I dated gay guys I'm sure they'd be more reliable.

    David: They've paid me now. Only trouble is...gee wizz...if I pay it all in at once, the cheques'll bounce again.

    MJ: If you had a dick and lived in'd be amazingly popular. You'd play all the biggest, best and gayest nightclubs around.

    You'd also be on the front page of every tabliod under the headings "Menace to Society" and "Pervert!" - for precisely the same reasons.

    Camy: What should I fill the bottle with? Hmmm.