Be My Critic

I'd like to ask your opinion, if I may. I've just written the song below. Can you tell me if it's (a) a touching message of hope , (b) a mawkish and silly bit of trash or (c) something else - please specify.

Be honest. Because...I honestly don't know.

Want It Back

Verse 1:
Hands full, mind empty
Had no dreams since the age of twenty
You used to play, you used to sing
But the job won't leave you time for anything

No voice, sight unseen
Made no demands since the age of nineteen
You used to love, you used to run
But the child won't let you be with anyone

Time gone by won't come again for you
(Want it back, want it all back)
Youth got lost so fast you feel it's true
(You want it back, you want it all back)
One more chance that's all you really need
(Try again, do it all again)
To live, to start, to start to live and succeed

Verse 1:
Break out, don't care how
Don't know why but it's got to be now
It's not a choice, it's not a sin
Making one big gamble and you're going all in

New name, new zipcode
Left one path and you made a new road
No one to blame, no guarantees
But the child starts to laugh, it's like it used to be


  1. It's (b), but it's original in it's category and somehow intriguing.

  2. I think it entirely depends on how you produce it.

    You could make it a schlock pop B, but I think it could well becomes a C - though what the C would be I'd have to wait and hear (I bet you thought I'd say 'see') ;)

    So when do we get to hear it, then?