Can't Touch This

Thanks to the youtubes - which are like the internets but with porn movies instead of porn pictures - I now know how to do the Michael Jackson Moonwalk, the MC Hammer Running Man, and the Melbourne Shuffle.

In roughly the same way as I know how to play the piano, build a brick wall, and organise the workers of the world to socialist revolution.

Did you know Arab men airkiss?

If two male friends haven't seen each other for a few months - especially following Ramadan and Eed - they miss-kiss on the cheek three times. Left-right-left, just like Eddie and Patsie.

I like that.

It looks like it's time for me to refresh the computer and reinstall Windows again. A raft of driver updates have - as they often do - managed to bugger up the sound and display. And removing them just makes things worse.

However, thanks to (a) my special homebrewed minimal version of XP and (b) most of the software being portable (around half made that way by yours truly) should take half an hour.

Unless something goes wrong in which case...see you sometime tomorrow.

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