Who was it remarked that alcohol increased your desire do to the very things it took away your ability to do?

Well the perversities of fermented fruit are greater and more subtle than that, because the best time to do mindless exercise on your new skiing machine is when you're alone and intoxicated - a state which also vastly increases your appetite for carbohydrate-rich foodstuffs - bread, pasta, rice and chocolate biscuits.

With the result that I'm not sure right now whether I feel sick because I'm pissed out of my skull, or because I'm stuffed with extra-large portions of spaghetti in sweet-and-sour sauce.


  1. Didn't you get the skiing machine manual? I'm sure there's a line in there about not doing any drunk exercising!

    You're supposed to drink water! Water an hour before exercising! You drink the alcohol with the spaghetti afterwards.

  2. god is a sick sadistic son of a bitch with a cruel cruel sense of humor.

  3. @Erowings:

    Water is good in almost every way. Unfortunately chocolate cake with tripple cream is good in the one and only way water isn't.

    @Depression Blog:

    Most religions do seem to view god that way - but they add a bad case of Stockholm syndrome.

    God treats you like shit, which makes you feel like shit, which makes you think you are shit.

    I'm an atheist because I know I'm not shit.