There's a house on the street up for sale. The front garden is piled high with rusty kitchen equipment, bits of furniture, irregularly sized planks of wood and other...stuff.

Someone's presumably tried to carry away a tasteless bright blue carpet, abandoning it in the gutter on realising how much carpets weigh. I expect to see the pile get smaller over the next week - till there's just the kettle on the cooker left.

I've got the threadbare maroon office chair. One of the castors is missing and you can't adjust the height, but it swivels wonderfully. At last, I don't have to blog sitting on grandma's old piano stool.


  1. Good find! I luv free stuff! Swiveling is one of my favorite things to do at work. I need to get a chair like that so I can swivel at home.

    How are they going to attract buyers with junk on the front yard?

  2. My first employer (when I was 15) used to conduct meetings swiveling round and round in his chair. While munching on his packed lunch. It was a good place to work.

    There's no difficulty selling the house with half it's contents out front - the only people who care about that kind of thing would want a house three times the size. The difficult bit comes from the owner asking 50% more than what it's worth, in a rapidly sinking market.