Our girl dog may or may not be pregnant by one of our boy dogs.

If Perry's the father, we're in for one or two (or knowing him, three) strong boistrous brown and white papillions. If the daddy's Dino, it'll be a few light, small boned brown and while papillions. And if it's Harry, we'll find out what a cross between a papillion and a maltese looks like.

What's halfway between these two?




  1. Congratulations! I bet they'd be cute puppies.

    Wait! Your dawg don't know who the daddy is? I hate to tell you this, but that little bitch is a slut!

    Ya know, they say dogs take after their owners...just saying ;)

  2. So if my dog's are cute...and dogs take after owners...:-)

    I should have titled the post "Who's Your Daddy?"