My brother's getting married. I'm just not sure why.

Neither he nor his longtime girlfriend are especially romantic or conventional, there's no famillial pressure, zero plans to have children, no financial incentive, and even if they were surrounded by people urging them to do it, they're far too sensible and independent to do it for that reason.

Still, she's a good women - highly intelligent and cheerfully cynical with a fondness for fluffy dogs and absurdly hot curries. If she were my boyfriend, I think I'd marry her.

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  1. Mazel Tov!!!

    Well, marriage is really just formalizing an agreement between two people. This way, they legally share everything and are charged with caring for the other when the situation calls for it. You want someone you love and trust to respect your wishes and look out for your best interests.

    Congratulations to your brother and his fiancee!

    It's so nice when someone you like joins the family...willingly. Some of us are still trying to escape from the family we were born into.