Lift and Stretch

Another pair of aching feet, another bucket of hot water. But the last for a while because my friend's house is sold, cleared, surrendered and no longer anything to do with me.

The overladen skip outside is gone too, which means the steady procession of men in white vans picking over the detritus for gold has mercifully stopped. All the vans are off-white, and all the spivs have the same patter spoken in the same accent - all dropped H's and Ts, with long slurred vowels and soft rhotics. There must be a factory stamping them out somewhere.

One thing they didn't find was the suitcase stuffed full of money. Hundreds of high denomination notes, just waiting to be uncovered by the lucky curious. Okay, so it's actually Chinese Yuan...and from before the revolution so it's not legal tender...but these are just details.

I sat outside on the discarded sofa, feet up on the table half-smashed by the careless skip lorry, waiting for some officious cretin - preferably a police officer - to mistake me for a snoozing vagrant and try to intimidate me. At which point I'd offer them a suitcase full of money to go away and leave me in peace.

But sadly, all the officious cretins were working at estate agent's today. That's a different story.

Oh, I am now the proud temporary owner of a skiing machine, my reward for a week of getting painful muscles and stiff joints the natural way - lugging awkwardly shaped furniture around awkwardly narrow stairs.

Dad moaned and complained that there was no space for my gym-junk 'cos it was all taken by his motorbike-junk. Then he tried the machine and declared it had cured his sciatica.

So good stuff all round. And no I won't help you move house.


  1. I hope you kept the Chinese money! Those are pretty cool! Although, the skiing machine is also a nice find.

    What a good friend you are! I'd've asked your buddy to wear a turban and start filling up the bucket with hot water and massage your feet afterwards!

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  3. So, once again you feel it's important to tell me that I'm not important to you. Once again you communicate to tell me you don't want to communicate. And once again you accuse me of self-aggrandisement, but can't resist the urge to do it yourself.

    You value honesty? I still have the last few text messages you sent. If you again post or text anything abusive, I'll post them, without abridgement or commentary.

    That way the truth will out, as it did last time.

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  5. > i don't think i've posted anything abusive.

    Quotes from a post you made yesterday:

    "i don't know why you feel the need to lie"

    "i told you the reasons why i wanted no more contact with you, and they were good and legitimate"

    "the way you treated me and criticised me for every progress i made in getting through my depression is terrible"

    "you were jealous of my happiness"

    "i'm someone who made the mistake of believing you could be a trusted friend. lie and malign me all you will - your constant digs can't hurt me now."


    >i confided in you things
    >wouldn't tell many people and
    >you betrayed me.

    If you mean you told me secrets which I passed on, one example should prove your case.

    If you mean I maliciously made you feel small, it shouldn't be difficult to provide one example.

    So far you've just sprayed general accusations with no specifics at all.

    >but i'm incredibly hurt

    Obviously. And you're lashing out.

    As it happens, you're lashing out at the one who helped you for a time, while simultainiously claiming to no longer feel the hurt which makes you lash out. The hurt you've just admitted to.

    >i don't understand my actions
    >in doing this

    You're hurt, angry, confused, in need of someone to blame, in need of self justification, and in need of someone to hear that justification.

    You know I've listened sympathetically in the past about your problems, but you've also decided I am a problem.

    It's complex, illogical and irreconcilable, but all very familiar psychology - not just from you, but from people in general.

    >but i understand your genuinely
    >abusive behaviour even less.

    Your repeated accusation, the vagueness of this accusation, and your completely failure to provide substantiation or example is also familiar.

    Provide an example if you can.

    Take this to email if you wish.

  6. This is exactly why I gave up blogging.


    P.S. So you won't help me more house. How do you feel about helping me clean out my junk room? If you can get to it, you can have my Bowflex strength trainer as a reward. :-)

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