Through Rain or Snow, the Post Must Go

My ankle is quite painful - I can walk but not very far. So instead of traipsing ("marching") through central london in the rain and wind today, I sat at home in the damp and cold.

A grand total of six packages arrived in the post - all from ebay sellers, including one for me - the 'Abgymnic' device. Which doesn't even switch on. Hah.

The seller offered a refund but I prefer to keep it as a box of extra accessories for the next one I get. Between them, my parents are bidding in at least another five auctions, and have won about fifteen, which allows me to feel quite frugal in comparison.

There's suddenly no room for ten computers in the house (I wonder why), so some will be canibalised to upgrade others and make some more space. And anyone we know who wants a free low spec second hand PC can probably have one.

Anyway, that's about all there is to say about today, since I spent most of it drowsy or asleep.
EDIT: Actually it's twelve computers - I forgot about some.

The night was spent writing music, but I won't say any more's a surprise.

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