Say Aaah

My vocal range is from about A2 to around F3. That's 21 semitones in the low baritone range. My singing voice is rubbish at the moment - all quavering and creaky - and I have sung higher in the past, so the actual range is probably about two octaves.
We have four lowish spec PCs - ranging from 1 to 1.3 GHz, 128 to 1024 MB or RAM, and hard disks from 8 to 70GB. The plan is to canibalise them into one for DAB recording and cassette/vinyl digitisation, and another as a general 'spare'. And then put the pile of 6GB drives, slow memory, unstable motherboards, obsolete PCI cards and great big plastic boxes into a skip.

One of those tasks which is simple but time consuming. Cataloguing which bits are in which box, working out which bits are compatable with which other bits, and having four computers disembowled on the floor without losing track of what is going where.
I've been looking into the murky world of credit cards. So far, I've lived 33 years without ever feeling the need for plastic borrowing, and the only reason I'm considering it now is the number of useful things purchasable online that don't use paypal. Mainly some extremely cool VSTs and DirectX plugins at a fraction of the market price.

What? You don't trust the sellers? Neither do I.

So, sometime in the new year, I could find a card with a 0% APR introductory offer and no annual fee, make a small flurry of purchases, and pay off the interest immidiately, after cutting the card into small pieces with scissors.

What? You don't trust the banks? Neither do I.
My services are again required as anenuensis (yes, dictation secretary) to John M tomorrow afternoon, transcribing an article for his 'other' career as world renowned art critic.

Followed by the annual christmas party where I drink too much rum punch and join in the midnight garden jam session of hand drums.

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