Oh Bum and Hell!

I woke up yesterday morning to find I had a large bruise on my right buttock, and no recollection of how it got there.

There are some parts of the body it's difficult to inspect visually. Tactile inspection yields information like "bump...smooth bit...smaller bump...curve...hair...OUCH!"
Late lunch (supper) with Paul T, who's moving out of his house on Saturday. I have two bags of books and magazines to store, and some more to collect after the meeting tomorrow night.

He has a different take on the Porritt article. He notes that people who espouse "capitalism without competition" use the same reasoning as those who supported State Capitalism i.e Stalinist Russia. They are Left Authoritarians - the equal and opposite of the Right Libertarians currently reincarnated as Neoconservatives.
Another bloody meeting tonight. Oh, I enjoy the company of the people who'll be there, and the subject ("Decent Housing - A Basic Human Right") is important. But I know what's going to be said and by who in advance.

In that respect it's just like all those pointless meetings about art, culture and urban regeration that I sat through years ago. There it was tweedy women with dangly earrings using terms like "community" and "strengthening links" to "the culturally disadvantaged".

Here at least there aren't the insipid euphemisms, and there is at least the intention to actually do something. It's just that...as someone once almost said, "Hell is being trapped in a room with your comrades".
In the event, I didn't go to the meeting, stopped by a wall of rain and an ankle that's getting worse rather than better. I should rest it - give it time to heal - but now is not the time to be literally putting my feet up - not that there ever is a good time.

But I did take the shorter walk to pick up Paul T's boxes of paper for storage in my attic. Plus a half-dozen books on linguistics, which should make some nice light reading over christmas. I'll be over there on Saturday to disassemble his computer for transport and make sure all the data is backed up.

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