Isn't christmas supposed to be a time of exhausted parents and hyperactively excited children? If so, the dogs are frantically running around shouting all the time, and I'm a foster daddy.

Dino is enjoying his squeaking pink plastic hedgehog. And I challenge you to find that sentence in any other blog in the world.
I had been working on an EP of Nick's songs, as a small suprise for him. As it turned out, I had neither the voice nor the time to complete any but one track. However, he's rather pleased with the one song. It really does feel good to give.
Due to our slightly strange way of watching television, we played highlights from the last week today, and recorded films that we'll probably watch in the new year. Or possibly next July.

Right now, there are two computers doing nothing but fill tens of gigbytes with seasonal TV by day, and recode them at night.
Mother's home made hats, scarves and jackets are a little on the small side. Or rather, we're a lot too large for them. Which is fortunate in a way, because I've never seen anyone wearing anything quite like them.
For months, I've kept meaning to re-establish regular contact with H, but could never think of anything interesting to say over email. But I'm thinking it's better to say anything at all than to have anything at all to say. If you see what I mean.

It's the same with CW, and others. I know they're the same as me - better at cooperation than conversation.
I really must find out exactly what Hanukkah is.

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