TV or no TV

The new DivX player arrived today. And didn't work, so it's going back to Maplin Electronics.

As expected, the Strict Machines want to record 7-10 songs instead of the orignally planned 4. They want to include some bluesy tracks, and some flamenco influenced acoustic songs. All of which is fine by me - the music's good and I get to wave my magic wand over a complete album instead of an EP. But it does rather extend the production time. And the time I'm without a proper computer.

Cable TV is still down, and a man with a boiler suit and a box of tools will be round from NTL to lookm at the reciever box on Thursday. Oh stop it, I know what you're thinking. Maybe he'll have a trainee in tow. Ha!

I'll have to come up with a biography for the band that is Kapitano. From earliest days as Pinc Noyz, through teenage years as 3.14, collaborations as Introduction to Philosophy, before emerging as Kapitano and one half of The K Twins.

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