The Big Picture

Months ago - maybe a year - I saw the second half of a film called The Medusa Touch. It impressed me a lot. Not the host of famous cameo roles, and cirtainly not the cheap special effects. It was the idea of a profoundly moral man given the ability to influence the physical world at a distance - but only to create disaster and death.

He kills his pretentious parents, a cruel schoolteacher, an unjust judge and his own grasping wife. Weeding out the unworthy and hypocritical like a supernatural vigilante. His first victim is a vicious fundamentalist who longs for the bloodbath promised in the book of revelation. She gets it. Is he a glorious avenging angel or rampaging demon? There is no difference.

He sees delusion and hubris clearly and refuses to tolerate them. When his deformed baby dies an hour after being born, he understands without flinching the relief everyone feels - but which only he has the integrity to voice. He rejects notions of god and religion with contempt, but wonders if he is cursed.

Finally, he threatens to bring down a cathedral on the heads of bishops, statesmen, tycoons and royalty. A woman kills him to prevent it happening, but though his brain is smashed something in him survives, and destroys the cathedral. He warns of his next target. A nuclear power plant.

The film was on again tonight, and it still impressed me. A story of why you can't make the world a good place by killing all the evil.
Max wants me to make 30 copies of the film I made of his play. And advise him on getting a new computer. Paul T wants to record a Strict Machines EP this week, so I've got to clear my own computer and turn it into a recording studio. I'm going to the Pestalozzi 'international village' on Friday.

Looks like a busy, stressful week.

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