Nothing on TV

I was supposed to spend this evening recording guitar tracks for the Strict Machines EP, and the night chatting and drinking with (and then giving a blowjob to) Mark S. Then Paul T called to say he can't play because of broken fingernails, and Mark did his usual thing of cancelling without explanation.
Cable TV is still down, as might be expected given the usual standards of NTL.

Several months ago Simon M gave me a box of old videotapes. He's been clearing out that decaying mansion of a house of his for a year now, intending to turn it into flats. What junk doesn't go into skips, I get offered. I've got a rowing machine and various computer bits from him.

If I'm still in this godforsaken town in six months I may ask to be one of his first tennants. At the moment, my television is stuff he recorded over 20 years. Now playing an excellent surreal musical documentary by Malcom Maclaren - The Ghosts of Oxford Street.
Guitar recording is set now for Tuesday. We're thinking of adding one or two bonus tracks - live accoustic songs. I'd like to do an extended remix as another bonus track.

I got this laptop partly to act as a portable studio, but the onboard soundcard is absolutely abysmal, and a USB external card gives dropouts. It's actually a very good, fast computer for a lot of things, but not sound.

I've looked at laptops designed specially to function as studios - £1000 to £3000. But precise information about their specification is hard to find.

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