I Am The Sound Man

Right. Tomorrow and Wednesday I'm recording a studio EP for The Strict Machines. This means finding all the cables, converters, microphones and stuff. And clearing a load of junk off this computer to make way for great big WAV files.

It also means lugging the PC around portsmouth in a succession of taxis for two days. Oh, and putting up with the little foibles of the band members.

In practice of course, it's going to take a lot more than two days. It's just the next two days that are scheduled for cirtain. Wednesday is set aside for recording the drum tracks. Then most likely there will be guitars on different days (and in different rooms), followed by vocals - probably in a third studio, which may be someone's bedroom.

THEN production, mixing, mastering, and all the stuff that producers do after recording engineers provide them with raw material.

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