3rd of June

"Who's that? What's that? What do you mean?
I'll never know when I lost my dream
Who's that? What's that? Give me your name?
Third of June. End of game."
- 3rd of June by Yello (1988)

Okay. Not a completely devirused computer. But nearly.
I've got an installer for Reason 3, but haven't used it yet. I don't know how much I'd use the Combinator and mastering tools - I generally don't use the densely wired setups of the Combinator, and the mastering tools probably aren't as good as the plugins I use in Audition. However, I'm cirtainly prepared to be proven wrong.

Reason still can't host 3rd party VSTs (which is understandable), and still can't record from the microphone (which is less understandable).

Incidentally, I just rediscovered the 2-band EQ effect in Reason 2.5. I noted it when first trying out the program, then completely forgot about it and never used it. Again, the VSTs in Audition are much better, but it's embarassing that here's a module that's been staring me in the face every time I used Reason, and I looked right through it.
There's a lot of films on in the next few days to record and convert to DivX. Radio 3 are also doing a full week of nothing but Beethoven. Mother wants it recorded from DAB.

Oh, and the Strict Machines are still trying to find a free week to record their second EP. As well as introducing the new bass player (who I haven't met yet!) to 35 songs, written by people almost congentially incapable of writing down chord patterns. When they do find a week though, I shall have to be ready, and it might be next week.
Perusing the songfight board, I stumbled upon this columnist.
Looks like I won't get the SF 'Crossroads' song finished in time. I've got plenty of lines for it, but they all scan with different rhythms, and refuse to rhyme.

I rewrote Zero to Phantom as Piece of My Heat when the former wasn't finished in time. Probably do the same with Crossroads.

Nick is working on something for Satisfaction - hope he can finish it. Even if he can't, an unpolished first take of a good song is better than no song at all.
H should be leaving for foreign climes in a week or so. Three months away - he hadn't decided where when we last met - then returning to take up his new job. It would be nice to see him one last time before he jets away, maybe even see him off with one of our extended hugs at the station.

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