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The sweetest part of dates with H is saying goodbye. Standing in the dark, arms wrapped around each other - sometimes talking, laughing or kissing. After five hours of good natured disagreements, he'd drunk rather more than usual, and was feeling a bit frisky. The bite marks on my neck are still there.

His plans are still 'up in the air', so he'll be around for another few weeks, but until September when he moves to start his new job, everything else is uncirtain.

I didn't want to lose the feeling after he cycled off, so I went for a walk around town. Got a box of calamari and chips from one of the dozens of fast food shops serving the student population. The man behind the counter asked about salt and vineger, sauce, and money in a strong but hard to place mediteranian accent. Then said 'Cheers mate' with perfect portsmouth enunciation.
Pestalozzi have very promptly sent me a ticket for Nick's gig, plus some info about their history and philsophy. I'm not entirely sure why a thin strip of orange paper constitutes a ticket, but nevermind.
Strict Machines are playing another gig tonight. I'm sort of obliged to go, but I have another reason to turn up, as Simon F should be there too. Call me an old slapper if you like, but he's a nice guy in vertical as well as horizonal situation. Oh, and the band are premiering some songs I haven't heard yet, and we may even get an appearance from the mysterious new bass player.
I now have five days worth of recorded Beethoven from Radio 3. That's 5*24=120 hours. Recording was easy, now it's a matter of editing and encoding to mp3. There's always time to do all the tasks you've set yourself. Energy is a differnt matter.

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