Home Town

Paul T called round just to say he couldn't manage recording tonight. On account of some broken fingernails - important for guitarists. Provisionally rescheduled for Sunday.

I want to get back to composing and songwriting, but recording four tracks of a skate rock band is dragging out somewhat. I can write lyrics, but all the hardware is in Paul's bedroom.

Current favourite listening material is the Trilenium CD by Sash. That's Sash spelt with a pling - Sash!. Completely insincere mediteranian trance. Mindless, happy, loud and not at all fashionable to listen to as music in it's own right. I picked up the CD in one of those semi-illegal fleamarket second-hand stalls you find at weekends in the shopping centres of small towns.

I told H it was an old joke, that Portsmouth was a northern industrial town on the south coast. He agreed it had the air of sadness you get when a community grows up around a single heavy industry (shipbuilding in our case), which then evaporates.

I woke up at around 10 this morning to rain, wind, and incredibly loud thunder. At 16:20, it's just come back. Worse than earlier. We had a week or so of swelteringly hot sun, then suddenly it turns cold and stormy. There's lightning and the rain is so heavy it looks like mist.

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