Boom Boom Boom Boom

It's raining again. Great big black clouds and quadraphonic thunder. I wish I was set up to record it - it would make a great background to some ambient music. Even the unmarked black helicopter circling the rained off festival is good.

But tonight I'm recording possibly the country's only flamenco-skatepunk band. If the weather clears up there'll be a midnight picnic on the beach, and if it doesn't...I've been asked to take some Doctor Who videos.

Hey it really is a cloudburst. With luck I won't have to cycle through it - it's half an hour before I leave. Mark S wanted to meet tonight, so it's probably a good thing I couldn't - sex in rainstorms looks good in movies, but not real life.

Nick's put up mp3s of the Global Fusion gig. I haven't had the chance to hear them yet, but looking forward to it.
Right, rain gone, I'm showered and reclothed, time to cycle off.

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