Where Now?

On Saturday I sent off 30+ job applications, complete with CV and scans of passport and certificates. So far in response I've had:

  • An offer of a job in Cameroon.

    The position is to teach "the aforementioned course", which is interesting as no course has been mentioned. They also need to see copies of my CV, passport and certificates...again.

    I didn't apply to anywhere in Africa, but I did apply to a French school, and Cameroon has French connections, so maybe that's it.

  • An offer to sell me a list of 100 schools in Peru, or set up five guaranteed interviews for USD300. They can fuck right off.

  • An unconditional offer to work in Turkey.

    Anyone who offers you unconditional work without even the pretence of an interview is ripping you off. Either that or no one else wants to work for them and they're really desperate. Either way, avoid. It doesn't help when they send you four emails in 24 hours, even if two of them are in Turkish.

  • A chain of Spanish schools that only want part-time teachers. Useless.

  • The "Camp Department".

    Yes, that's what I thought. But it's not that - they run summer camps around Spain.

  • A professional, polite, provisional non-rip-off-offer for...Johlava, in the Czech Republic.

    Jihlava (Iglau in German) has 52 million people, a website, and a brilliant coat of arms:


  1. Wow! The good thing is, you've started making contacts. That's great! That Czech Republic offer sounds promising. Just be open to new possibilities. You never know when opportunity comes and adventure begins!

  2. The Camp Department...

    You could be head counsellor.

  3. The Johlava one sounded interesting - if only because it's so near to Bohemia.

  4. You'll probably find the Turkish one has a bit of 'history' on Dave's ESL Cafe - or just google it.

    I was once offered a job in Eastern Turkey - no interview or anything, and this was a place that called itself a 'university'!

    Needless to say, I turned it down - if only for the de facto civil war that was raging there at the time (strange that they failed to mention this, eh?!).