EPIK Snail

To get an interview for a Korean language school I have to do the following:

  • Contact two referees (trainers or former employers) and get them to send me two copies of complete character references...by snailmail.

    These references must include the referees full contact details, my work history, their comments on my "Work Ethic", their evaluation of my "Personal Character", and their personal recommendation.

  • Open one of each, scan it, and email the scans to the school.

  • Send the two unopened copies to the school, overseas by snailmail. I'm instantly disqualified if either letter is opened before it arrives.

  • Fill out the three separate emailed forms, and email them back.

And the acronym of this whole process? I kid you not: EPIK.

Remember this is not to get the job, this is just to get an interview. For a school that's given no indication of work hours, class size, student type, employment package or wages.

So that's why I won't be working in Korea, because these cretinoid bureaucrats can shove their pointless paperwork and imperious demands up their collective arse.


  1. I half expected to see a few Korean swear words in that post.

    I'm so disappointed.

  2. They are completely bereft of common sense. Either that or they have a lot of drones to keep busy.

    I was also looking forward to a raft of foreign cussing.

  3. I've friends who've lived in South Korea--for years. They say it smells funny--but I don't like Kim chi as much as they do. In fact, I can't stand the smell of Kim chi.

    Yeah, I'd be freaked out if there is no mention of work hours or class size or population. All that paperwork for an interview? I hate to think about all the forms you need to fill out if need toilet paper or staples at work!

  4. @T&P:

    Kkojora - Fuck Off

    Anyway - fave word - I couldn't find a translation for your other fave word. You know the one.


    The usual way to get around idiotic bureaucracy for getting work permits and travel visas is to go there as a tourist, get miraculously offered a job, and while doing it get the visa changed to a work permit.

    Of course, the really sensible thing would be to get rid of the whole system of permits.


    Every place has it's own smells. I hesitate to think what aroma Britain has. The smell of London isn't difficult to guess - when all white articles of clothing are grey after a few hours.

    As for toilet paper - I'd probably wipe with the toilet paper requisition form.

  5. Ha! We love it when others use our faves.

    Anyway (!), isn't our second fave word universal? Our experience leads us to believe it us.