100 Things About Kapitano, Part 8: Things Which Irritate Me

Some people think I'm angry and passionate. In fact I just spend most of my life being mildly irritated. So here's some things that annoy me.

35) People who ask your advice on a subject you know a lot about, not so they can make an informed decision, but so they can pretend they've considered all the alternatives before doing what they'd already decided to do.

And then blame you when they realise they've fucked up.

36) Getting interested in a band on the basis of one song, tracking down the album...and discovering that one song is the only good one they've got.

And it's a remix anyway.

37) People whose method of arguing is to nitpick a minor point...with great care and extensive knowledge that would be admirable if it were relevant. Going on at length until you've forgotten what the major point was.

38) The following lines of reasoning:

"You're gay, and he's gay, so you two must be compatible."

"There's an age difference of more than ten years between those two friends, so the older one must be fucking the younger one. And that's wrong."

"He was once accused of looking at someone in a funny way, so obviously now he's been accused of an actual crime, he must be guilty."

"I don't know anything about science or religion, but science is just another religion."

"Don't you want to be normal? Everyone wants to be normal. It's the normal thing to want."

39) People who think that because they've been doing something for forty years, they've been doing it right for forty years.


  1. #36 is pretty much one of my major peeves. I'd slap Sting and Jon Bon Jovi and more because I bought their albums due to one song and the rest of what they offered was crap. Thankfully I've got imeem and youtube to help me weed it out now.

  2. Indeed.

    There's something similar with a lot of dance acts I've been into - they have one big hit which I like, then bring out an album, all of which sounds exactly like that one hit.

    Robert Miles, 8khz mono, Autokratz.

    Then there's bands who have a big hit with one song, and nothing else on the album sounds remotely like it.

    Visage, Corner Shop, Laura Brannigan.

  3. Very good points. New to your blog...I'll be back!

  4. Welcome, John Michael, to my little corner of the blogosphere. Good to have you around.

    I've briefly skimmed through your own recent posts and...I'll be back too.

  5. Yeah, ever since mp3s were uploaded on the internet, I've never bought another CD, because it does suck when there's only one good song on the whole album! Now I just download the songs I like.

    Those idiots who ask for advice but aren't really asking for advice piss me off, esp at work. Don't waste my time with bullcrap!

    I used to be very quick to anger and impulsive when I was younger. Now I just manage to keep the passion under control better and refocus that energy into something positive and less likely to run afoul of the law.