I Wish to Register a Complaint

It used to take me two hours a day to read email, look at Twitter and check a dozen or so blogs.

Now with my rationalised super-duper all-in-one email/twitter/blog feed it takes 45 minutes. On the one hand, I never realised how much surfing time was spent just clicking and waiting - often to find there's no new updates.

On the other hand...I want to spent two hours a day reading blogs! Because I like it! I need more blogs!

Gah. Damn technology.


  1. Or you could use the extra time to learn a new skill or do some art! Perhaps learn a new language or do some reorganizing/redecorating. More time for hobbies or sleep! Or catching up on your fanfiction reading or watch all those recordings you've yet to enjoy. Plant your herb garden! Wait, is it too late to plant an herb garden this season?

  2. And you DO realize you can get everyone's comments on the blog posts you read sent directly to your email inbox simply by clicking on the "Email follow-up comments" box in the comment box?

    Another time saver!

  3. Come and read my blog - it's full of relationship angst.

  4. @Eroswings:

    I could even tidy up the computer room, which now has so many things on the floor there's no direct path from the door to the computer.

    But...somehow there's always other, non-tidying things to do.


    Thank you. Helpful as ever.

    In fact, exactly as helpful as ever :-).


    You are now item number 46 on my blog feed.

    That's below updates on science writings by squid experts, but above twitters from musicians. But alphabetically half an alphabet higher than MJ!