The Token White Guy

The interview was an hour late but went okay. Normally I avoid agencies like the plague, but in this case they offer a good package - with reimbursed flight fees and provided accommodation - farming out native speakers to Chinese secondary schools which run English courses. Even if it does have the terrible name of "East Meets West".

The interviewer was quite refreshingly honest, admitting:

  • Pretty much all schools don't teach English to a particularly high level, or teach it well.

  • Pretty much all English teachers are no good at grammar, and many are actually afraid of it.

  • Pretty much all schools are run by incompetents with about as much forward planning ability as a blind goldfish with amnesia.

  • Pretty much all schools want the kudos of a "token westerner" to help the kids practice.

  • The specific vacancy is a vacancy because the previous teacher walked out.

  • No one goes through all the correct paperwork, because anyone who did would do nothing but paperwork.

So, how do I feel about being a Token Westerner - one with my own office and freedom to officially ignore all the useless textbooks. I reckon I can live with it, no problem.

No guarantee I'll get to go, but it's an interesting prospect.


  1. Oh, how wonderful! They'll treat you like a deity and worship the ground you walk on!

    East Meets West

    Are you sure it's not an Asian porn company looking for someone to do voice overs for their English dubbed porn films?

  2. Are you sure it's not an Asian porn company...

    Or an agency that offers 'introductions' to people looking for mail-order brides?

    Sounds like an interesting opportunity, anyway.

  3. Are you fond of earthquakes? Floods? Chinkies with smelly breath and yellowing teeth?

    Who knows - it could be heaven. At least the guy was honest with you (but you won't find out just HOW honest until you arrive, will you).

    Anyway, I've long got used to being the token whitey amongst a sea of dark faces - the students, I mean.