The Book of Job (Chapter 3)

50 CVs sent out.

2 acknowledgements.

2 rejections.

1 unconditional offer to do vaguely specified work in a place I didn't apply for.

1 email that they're thinking about thinking about considering me to teach bloody Business English in Seville.

1 organiser of Spanish summer camps who, in typical summer camp fashion, will tell me where and when the summer camps are when they know themselves.

1 employer desperate for someone (anyone) to work in the United Arab Emirates.

1 school saying "We've only got one part-time temp working in the office and she doesn't really know what she's doing so could you please wait a few weeks (and maybe a few more weeks) for us to get ourselves sorted out and not accept work for anyone else in the meantime". Paraphrasing slightly

2 emails from a Korean school saying Seoul's completely full but do I fancy working in a small town?

1 employer really desperate for someone (any-anyone) to teach tots in Turkey.

1 page of code from a wordprocessed document:
{\*\cs12\fs20\superEndnote Reference;}
{\s13\fi-430\li720Triangle List;}
{\s14\tx431\sbasedon27\snext29Numbered Heading 3;}
{\s15\fi-430\li720Dashed List;}
{\s16\fi-430\li720\sbasedon10Upper Roman List;}
{\s17\sb440\sa60\f2\fs24\b\sbasedon29\snext29Heading 4;}
{\s18\fi-430\li720Heart List;}
{\s35\fi-430\li720Box List;}
{\s21\fi-430\li720\sbasedon10Upper Case List;}

1...interview with a Chinese school! Looks like a good one too. At, erm, 5am tomorrow.


  1. Just go with your gut feeling and don't be afraid of opportunity.

    I would be afraid of some of those sketchy places desperate for anyone. You might be sold into slavery and end up being a sex slave for some rich but shady foreigner!

  2. Not a school in China.

    They might block your Internet access!

  3. A sex slave?! Could be WELL worth blogging about, that one!

    Well, more potential interest value than teaching tots in Turkey, or wherever, eh?