Lyrics I wrote months ago, then completely forgot about. What do you think - any good?

Verse 1:
It's not right but I
Feel okay.
Nod yes no matter
What you say.
So what I'm leaving
Anyway, come

Phone call says that you're
Working late
Wish you luck on your
Secret date
No rush now I can
Stand to wait, till

Did you
Think I don't know what you
Did you
Think I don't use all the
Same tricks too? I don't
Mind when you find other
Guys, but it's
Part of the game that you
Tell me lies

Tomorrow never comes if you
Wait for the sun but not
Today, not today.

Tomorrow is a dream so it
Always seems so not
Today, not today.

Verse 2:
Love you less and
Forgive you more.
Question what am I
Waiting for?
One last look and walk
Out the door, it's


  1. Do you make up the lyrics to go with the music or do you have the music first before making up the lyrics?

    These lyrics read like a poem, which to me, makes them good.

  2. I generally (and here) write lyrics to a specific rhythm, but without putting a tune to it, or with any thought about instrumentation. You could say I write them as monotonic chants.

    I've not studied poetry much, but I do recall some poets work in the same way - putting the words into the slots last.

    The text is broken up like that to show which syllable falls on the first beat of each bar - and some poetry does work like that.

    But I'm absolutely hopeless at writing poetry.

  3. Day Job. Give Up. Don't.

    Just joking. You were too, right?

  4. I find it almost impossible to judge lyrics on their own, without knowing the music that goes/ will go with them. When they're on their own, it's hard not to judge them as poetry, but almost no lyrics work well as poetry, and those that do are often awkward and ungainly in songs.

    But from what i can tell, these seem pretty good. :o)

  5. @EnglishTeacher365:
    Interesting blog.

    Good point - lyrics are supposed to be sung to music. On the page they're (usually not good) poetry.

    One day I will get around to recording something. And then you'll all be sorry.

    Appreciative I am. And wondering whether write a song in the style of Yoda I should ;-).