In the Meantime, Here is Some Music

Hello, I'm still here - kind of - but my net access over the last week has been patchy to say the least.

And today my laptop won't switch on. It's second hand, obsolete, shouldn't have lasted as long as it has - and therefore a bit like me.

News in brief:

* It's my birthday next saturday - yay! I'll be 37 - doh!

* It's C's birthday today. So, happy b-day - or bidet - to C. Nice day out yesterday to celebrate.

* I know exactly what I want for my bidet. A new laptop. Though the slippers mother's knitting would still be nice.

* I've invented lemon-and-lime tea. I've heard vaguely of apple and raspberry teas, so can you make tea with orange juice?

* Why is it I never remember chocolate gives me a headache until it actually does?

See you...sometime soonish.


  1. Well, Happy early birthday!

    My favorite sweet tea is rasberry tea!

    My old laptop died on me a few months ago. I had to use the ones at the public library and deal with the filthy public! Luckily, the repairs were inexpensive, but it's an outdated model, and I was saving to buy a new one. Now I've spent that savings on a new tv to replace my dead one. So, must start saving again for a new laptop and hope this one lasts til then.

  2. Happy Birthday from me too!

    Chocolate does the same thing to my Grandma. So does pop. Yeah... sometimes it sucked living with her.

  3. Happy Birthday n all that...

    Do we get to see the knitted slippers?