Boxes in Boxes

So, can I put Reason and Reaper into one portable installation? And do they work together? Yes.

Can I do the same with Firefox and Orbit Downloader? Oh yes.

Can I bundle Firefox, Orbit, Flash, Java, Quicktime Alternative, Real Alternative, Shockwave and Firefox's Windows Media Player Plugin? I can indeed, though some details need working out.

Now, Can I make a portable installation of a virtual machine - specifically, the one I use to make portable installations? Um, no. The makers seem to have fixed it so you can't.

The advantage of bundling Firefox with all those plugins, or bundling WinAmp with a load of audio and video codecs, is that I can transfer the whole bundle from one computer to another and it should work fine, without having to install a load of stuff on someone else's computer just so I can use one bit of software for a while.

The that to update any part of the bundle, I have to make it again from scratch.

I'll have to sleep on that one.


  1. Either one sounds like a lot of work. I'm sure you'll fine what works best for you. Since I don't know that much about programs, I'll just stick to updating them one by one instead of bundling them.

  2. As my father likes to say (all the bloody time), "Lazy people take the most pains". Meaning it takes a lot of work to figure out ways to avoid a little work.

    So I must be spectacularly lazy.