For Want of a Shoe

I want to record a song.

To do this, I need two programs - Reason and Reaper - to pass data between each other.

Reason is probably the best program around for making electronic music, but has the bizarre limitation that it can't record sound. However, it can integrate with other sequencers using a system called Rewire.

Reaper is an excellent little sequencer, which I want to use as Reason's sound recording device. It'll generate a sound file which I can load into Reason, which will apply all the necessary effects and mix it in with the music.

Now, almost all the software I have installed is portable, which is great in many ways, but there's one disadvantage - each portable program runs in its own bubble, which means it sometimes has difficulty communicating with other portable programs. For instance, links clicked in portable Thunderbird won't open portable Firefox to view them in.

But, I think I may have a solution - to create a new portable installation which includes both Reason and Reaper in the same bubble.

To make this installation, I have to set up a virtual machine.

To do this, I have to install the virtual-machine-creating software on my new laptop.

To do this, I have set up the partitions for the virtual-machine-creating software and the virtual machine itself to go on.

To do this I first have to clear off the data that I've temporarily backed up there from another computer.

To do this I have to burn it to DVD.

To do this I have to install DVD burning software.

To do this I have to transfer it from another computer.

To do this I have to find the USB memory stick to transfer it with.

And to do this I have to find the jacket the stick's in.

I can't find the jacket.


  1. Wouldn't it be easier to record a song the old fashioned way? You know, with a tape recorder and a cassette?

    Good luck finding the jacket.

  2. I have a nice smoking jacket you could borrow.