Disclaimer: Isn't integrity wonderful. When I set up this here blog, I promised myself I wouldn't retroactively edit or delete posts to cast myself in a better light. What gets posted, stays. Case in point...Exhibit A below.


I'm ver very drunk. Kind of wish I didn't like it so muchg. Dyspeptic update coming in a few hours. In the meantime,, love you all any want to suck all on your cocks. Each and every one, ti;ll you spunk up and go uuh! in mmy mouth and i own yiou.

Update: Evening babysitting, night getting drunk, morning hangover. Then back to reality, and moderate embarrassment. Same again soon.


  1. If I go to see the Wizard of Oz, will he give me a cock?

  2. He might, and there'd be loads of people who'd want you to use it on them. The question is: Which people?

    It's not gay men who like chix-with-dix. It's a straight fetish. Do you want to be lusted after by that kind of man?

    I like you just fine as All Woman.

  3. I just want to be gay for a day and then go back to being me.

  4. You might decide you like being gay and want to stay. The Dark Side seduces people that way.

  5. I've a feeling I'd become a big gay slut.