Life is Sweet

Why is life so shit right now?

Oh I know I have a roof over my head, enough (too much) to eat, and a lot of great technology. But everyone I know is angry and despondant, doggedly persuing political campaigns for basic rights and decency that seem to receed further every day.

Everyone's in debt and there's no jobs. The cretinoid racism of the 1970s is back like it never left. The government has fucked up every single service in the country, and taken us into two appalling imperial wars.


C was mugged tonight. After decades of abuse and dashed hopes, he's not equipped mentally or physically to deal with it. If I'd been there, I like to think I'd have defended him, but all I can do is try to cheer him up on the phone. I can't even be there to hold him when he cries.

We just want to get out of this lumpen armpit of a town - and maybe this dreary failure of a country. Somehow. But we can't. All we've got is each other, no money, unwanted intellect, and between us, four aging parents who very soon will need constant care.


  1. I'm sorry for C. The poor guy seems not to be in best terms with fortune...
    We Portuguese, always so attached to fate (Fado...), have a simple, popular saying like «There's not one without two, nor two without three». But this is just rubbish, at least for me it is.
    When I read «this dreary failure of a country», all of the sudden I thought I was reading something I had written myself... Which means we are all living rather complex times, whether here or there, anywhere in Europe or America, all over the world. An Aussie blogger used to insult the government down there for every shit happening to him...
    So many chances, so many opportunities, such a great time for knowledge, information, science, etc, etc... And what do you really see? Half a dozen idiots and imbeciles, each and every one of them more stpid than the other, running after the oil left on the planet...
    This way we won't go far. them all dead! And forget they ever existed on the face of Earth!
    (Yes, I'm a bit moody...)
    Wish C all the best!

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