Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I read in the newspapers that the group Britons are now most scared of isn't terrorists, it isn't the mafia or migratory birds with influenza, and it isn't women who cover their faces at you.

It's teenagers. The single group most often arrested for theft and violent crime is teenagers, therefore all teenagers are violent thieves, therefore teenagers are the enemy within.

There was me thinking it was asylum seekers. Or muslim fanatics as we call them now. Unless it was paedophillies, teachers, socialists, anti-war protesters, or single mothers.

Gangsta rappers, the mentally ill, the obese, eco-warriors, football fans, feminists, paparazzi, smokers, binge drinkers, strikers, insurgents, atheists, abortionists, satanists, girl gangs, Russian spies, horror films and social workers.

Punks, goths, mods, rockers, hippies, jazz fans, vagrants, blacks, hispanics, gays, drug pushers, drug takers, the Germans, the Japanese, the French, the Spanish, Cathars, Templars, lepers, Quakers, Baptists, Lutherians, Arians and Socrates.

Unless it's the Jews. Yes, it's always been the Jews.

For the past few days I've been recording mp3s from internet radio channels - just setting StreamRipper on three simultaneous streams to run overnight. Now I've got 6GB of chillout/ambient/triphop tracks, and 1GB of snippets from comedy routines from WC Fields to Chris Rock, to burn to CDR. It's nice to have quiet instrumental music playing while studying, and the former should do nicely.

I've also been taking timelapse films of the sky. Someone asked me if I'd help out with making a short (20 minute) impressionist film of sights and sounds of nature. Seeing as I'm the one with the camera, the editing software, the skills of using both, and the time to do it, my contribution may be a little more than "helping out", but it's a nice little project nonetheless. If it's any good I'll stick it on YouTube.


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  2. I'm so fed up of witch hunts all over the world... Another sign we're going back to the Middle Ages, with churches and religions playing the main parts?... Spare me!

  3. Ha! I was limiting myself to groups which (a) exist and (b) have been used as scapegoats by government.

    The Illuminati don't exist and are only blamed by conspiracy theorists.

    See? I don't mind when you comment on my political posts ;-).

  4. Please put it on Youtube and let your fans know.